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The Secret Language of the Body - Single Breath Session

The Secret Language of the Body (Single Session)

Navigate emotional and energetic blocks contributing to the pain you experience in your body by connecting with a circular breath pattern.

Take the first step in experiencing the profound benefits of breathwork. This single session is the perfect way to kickstart your breathwork practice with guidance and support!  Com to understand exactly what your body is communicating to you in the most loving and supportive way.

This 90-minute 1:1 session that starts off with compassionate inquiry into whatever it is you are looking to clear (pain, limiting beliefs, repeating patterns, etc).  This is followed by a guided circular breath session and finishes up with a sharing of the experience (optional) and next steps.

A copy of the breath session + the Korē Energetic Attunement Session is included in the price.

Single Session: $333

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