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The Secret Language of The Body Private 1:1 Mentorship

The Secret Language of the Body 1:1 Private Mentorship

Your body holds the most beautiful blueprint for how to heal your pain + mystery ailments, connect your head to your heart and live an abundantly healthy and aligned life!

The truth is, your body is a portal to all of the information you desire to know! From anxieties, unexplained pain + ailments, insecurities and difficulty moving forward in life; your body and all the ways that it communicates to you, is showing you a clear path forward.  This path allows you to honour the information your body offers to you and trust the messages you receive even if they "don't make sense".

Cut out the "guess work" of your life and save TIME + MONEY chasing answers that aren't meant for you.

Results you can expect on this 4-month journey:

  • Full agency and control over how you FEEL in your body.
  • Ability to listen to the clear and precise next steps to take in your life.
  • Clarity in asking for every single thing you desire!
  • Learn how to quickly come back to a sense of calm, ease and safety in ANY situation.
  • Move past difficult emotions and pain in the body by implementing the tools learned during our time together and never feel stuck again.

The Secret Language of The Body Toolkit consists of:

  1. Breathwork - Korē Breathwork sessions offer the most amazing movement of energy.  It is this stuck energy that has you feeling stuck in indicision and fear!  When you move this energy with the breath, clear and direct next steps become available to you.
  2. Energy clearing + grounding techniques - My energy work meditations are specifically designed for empaths and the highly sensitive person to ground you deeply into YOUR voice of knowing and your intuition. This is safety in BE-ing you. You get to choose to come back to place when making decisions in your life.
  3. Trauma tools for uncovering/understanding how familial and inter-generational trauma shows up in the body - Women in our society, have been tasked with taking on the emotional wellbeing of others and suppressing their own emotions and needs.  These patterns run deep and chances are they have been playing out and being passed down from generation to generation. The work of untangling these ancient feelings of responsibility goes beyond normal nervous system regulation.

    THIS is ancestral trauma work.

    THIS is familial trauma work.

    A huge part of understanding your unique energetic signature is moving through these awarenesses! 

This is a minimum 3-month commitment is for you if:

  • You know there is a different path forward but you are not letting yourself SEE it because it FEELS really scary.
  • You often feel confused or stuck in your life professionally or in relationship with yourself and/or with others.
  • You've invested time, money and energy into learning to regulate your nervous system but you still find yourself paralyzed with indecision and procrastination.
  • You've experienced unexplained pain, mystery ailments and spurts of illness that often show up around the same time every year or when stress and nervous system regulation feels impossibly heavy.

During our time together, come to understand that your body is never working against you, but is actually your biggest cheerleader!  Your body IS your higher Self and it speaks to you all day long from this higher level of understanding.  What this means is that, your body and all the ways that it communicates to you, has already worked through whatever perceived problem you believe you have.  This voice is on the other side of pain, confusion, frustration, anxiety + indecision.

Are you ready to learn how to listen?

What you get:

Price for this support is PIF $7997 or 4x$2000 monthly payments.

Please reach out to Kate directly for more information and to sign up!