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Private 1:1 Mentorship for Empaths and the HSP

The Secret Language of the Body 1:1 Private Mentorship


A private, 4-month container of weekly calls, daily messaging support, breathwork, energy work, evidence based movement recommendations and somatic practices to guide you into unlocking what your empathic body is communicating to you.  When we acknowledge the spiritual and emotional elements of pain, we open up a door to a whole new level of healing!

On this 4-month journey tailored just for you, your body leads the way.

We start with a very compassionate look into what you are holding on an emotional and energetic level in your body that is not serving you anymore.

The breath is used to gently move into the body.

You practice listening to the unapologetic support and wisdom that the breath and body have to offer and from that knowledge, move forward.

You are guided and supported on an emotional, energetic and physical level every step of the way as you continue to foster the most important connection of all, the one with yourself.

Results you can expect on this 4-month journey:

  • Understand how to listen to your pain and SHIFT it for good.
  • Develop your own unique love language around the root cause of your chronic illness, heaviness or pain you hold in your body.
  • Develop a new level of awareness with your body by accessing held emotional trauma and energetic blocks, and release them for healing.
  • Learn how to quickly come back to a sense of calm, ease and safety in ANY situation.
  • Completely shift the relationship you have with your beautiful self!

This journey is for you if:

  • You are empathic or a highly sensitive individual.
  • You have ANY chronic condition.
  • You do not feel OK in your body and you’re not sure why (and neither do your healthcare providers).
  • You notice an automatic and compulsive concern for the wellbeing of others.
  • You deeply identify with duty and responsibility at the expense of your own needs.
  • You believe that YOU ARE responsible for how other people feel and that you must never disappoint anyone.

What you get:

These sessions can be done virtually or in-person depending on geographical location.

If you are looking to feel better in your body on every level and gain a better understanding of what your body is telling from a place of self-compassion and love, then this journey is for you!  Fostering an unapologetic relationship with yourself is the only way to move forward at this time!

Please reach out to Kate Crawford directly for pricing and payment plan options.