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Korē Digital Programs

Korē Digital Programs

Each human body holds a unique blueprint for moving through life with ease, flow and abundance!  These digital programs offer tailored journeys into decoding this unique energetic signature!  If you're looking to develop a deeper meaning with your higher Self, cut out the “guess work” of life and save time + money chasing answers that aren’t meant for you, you've come to the right place.

These digital programs are for you if:

  • You are looking for a deeper connection to Self.
  • You would like to understand the energetic connection + move past the pain you feel in your body.
  • You are looking for a self-led option.
  • You are looking for another entrypoint into working with Kate.

If you are interested in more support around any offers below, please reach out the Kate directly for 1:1 options!

Headaches and the Pelvic Bowl

A video tutorial on what is actually behind the pain of a headache or migraine and how leaning into listening to pain in this way can lead not only to a decrease in frequency of your headaches but also a deeper healing in the pelvic bowl.



A self-led course on understanding anger and how to use this helpful emotion in setting your emotional and energetic boundaries.  

Get in behind your anger, shed some light on where this anger lives in your body and bring to light the relationship dynamic that you have been playing out.

This breathwork package will help you get clear on how you want to participate with this super helpful emotion moving forward!


The Surrender Series

Comprehensive, self-led multiple module workshops to guide you to completely understanding why pain shows up in the body and how to move beyond it.

Each series dives deep into:

  • What your "diagnosis" actually means.

  • Understanding the energetics behind your pain by breaking down the patterns that continue to play out.

  • Self-inquiry, journaling prompts and shadow work.

  • Guided Breathwork curated for each specific area of the body designed to move energy and completely shift your pain or dysfunction.

  • Guided meditation to ground you in to choosing differently and  moving beyond pain in every moment.

  • LIVE open comments section that is checked daily.

Click the link above to find your "diagnosis" and move into possibility, freedom and pain-free clarity!!

$497 PIF or 2x$250 monthly payments


The first step in understanding the Secret Language of your Body is being able to distinguish which feelings + energies belong to you and which ones do not!  

This 4-module, self-led program, teaches you just that!

Get clear on what energy is yours, understand the core wounding holding you back from moving through this stuck energy and develop a solid energy routine to support you in feeling how you want to feel!

$997 PIF or 2x$500 monthly payments