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Korē Energetic Attunement Session

The Korē Energetic Atttunement Session

A 45-minute 1:1 virtual call to pinpoint the exact energetic pattern responsible for why pain continues to show up in your body!

Why is this important? 

The only reason why pain continues to show up in the physical body is to let us know when we are participating in a pattern that is no longer working for us. When you understand the pattern + you know how to shift it, the pain has no reason to come back!

These energetic patterns often operate from fears of the past or anxieties of the future. 

The specific pattern of pain that is presenting in your body and the energetic pattern responsible for this pain essentially mirror one another!

Sometimes these patterns have been playing out for a very long time, which makes them hard to recognize. 

After this session, I will:

  • Connect the physical pain pattern with the current energetic pattern.
  • Explain to you the REAL reason why pain/illness continues to show up in your body.
  • Offer tangible and direct next steps that you can implement in your life right away BY SIMPLY LISTENING TO YOUR BODY.

When you are not focused on pain all day long you can finally move in a direction that is most aligned with what YOU need.

Book now to get started with your intake questionnaire! I can't wait to work with you!

Price is $333

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