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Connect & Release

What is Korē Breathwork?

Korē breathwork uses a circular, conscious connected breath pattern to activate the subconscious mind and bring awareness to energetic and emotional blocks in the body.  The breath is used to clear these blocks and space is then created for reclaiming your power in feeling better in your own body.  This positive space you are creating in your empathic body aids in rewriting old programing, releasing pain and stored trauma creating a path to lasting healing!

The body, like the brain, holds memories and stored emotions from our life experiences.  Traumatic experiences can become embedded in our physical body and deeply affect our nervous system.  For an empath or highly sensitive human, chances are, you are not just feeling this for yourself, but you are taking on this emotional energy of other people.  This is why the breath is so helpful in connecting to who you truly are because it moves the energy in your body so effectively, releasing these suppressed emotions, limiting beliefs, and memories that are no longer serving you.

These blocks are often responsible for pain, discomfort, dis-ease, and dysfunction that we experience in the physical body. When we approach healing in this way, it bridges the gap between the physical, emotional, and energetic bodies, allowing us to experience wholeness and a deeper connection with self. 

It is this connection to Self that fuels feelings of safety in an empath's body.  The more you connect with what your body is communicating to you, the safer you will feel and the more your intuition will grow!

Emotions and Energy

The breath is deeply connected to the energy and emotion we hold in the body.

On a physical level, the respiratory diaphragm is the main muscle of inspiration and supports a full and vital breath.  This muscle is under voluntary and involuntary control which makes it incredibly easy to trust, especially for someone with empathic tendencies who is going to feel and connect with many things outside of themselves during the run of a day.  

On a spiritual level, the respiratory diaphragm reflects the separation between heaven and earth, crossing through the center point of the energy body. The location and spiritual significance of the diaphragm can be visualized as a lid that is kept on emotional experiences that have been suppressed.

Deep breathing and movement of the diaphragm essentially opens us up for powerful emotional healing and release.

Benefits of Breathwork

Breathwork is a proven practice in regulating the nervous system and heart rate, decreasing anxiety, increasing mindfulness, among many other benefits we need in today’s fast-paced world.  Recent breakthroughs in science show that pain, trauma, and memories are stored energetically in the body.  This often results in physical dis-ease and discomfort, as well as resistance in our lives. Breathwork offers a channel to connect deeply with your body through a process of self-discovery and self-compassion to process and release stored trauma, healing at the source.

Physical Wellness

  • Release toxins from the body.

  • Increased energy.

  • Immune support.

  • Reduced inflammation.

  • Reduced stress and tension.

  • Regulate the nervous system.

  • Relief from chronic conditions triggered by stress.

Emotional Wellness

  • Release emotional blocks.

  • Process grief and anger.

  • Access and heal unconscious memories and stored trauma.

  • Cultivate positivity and peace.

Mental Wellness

  • Clarity of mind and new perspectives.

  • Release anxiety, depression, fear.

  • Access deeper states of consciousness.

  • Experience peace, connection, and gratitude.

The breath is truly at the core of our connection with our entire being. Balancing our bodies through our breath creates a ripple effect in our wellness and in our lives.